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Notify Me FAQ

What does Notify Me do?:

Notify Me allows you to customize notifications while still using your favorite application along with it.

What type of notifications can be used?:

Currently there are SMS/MMS,Gmail and low battery notifications.

In the full version why am I not getting my custom notifications for the people in my email list?:

Make sure that you put the email in correctly first, if you think you did check to make sure that the first letter of the address is not a capital by mistake. When you put the address in it must match the email address exactly, for example Johnsmith@gmail.com is not the same as johnsmith@gmail.com so there fore it will not give you the custom notification you have set and you will just get the general one that you would normally get when you receive an email from someone not in your email list.

I updated to the new version on Gmail and not I am not getting notifications  and/or getting force closes, what should I do?:

Check out this post on solutions to this.

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