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Notify Me 2.0 now live

Notify Me 2.0 is now live with the major feature being calendar notifications. Currently this feature is in beta so please report any problems and force closes, that is the only way things will get fixed. I tried to test every possible problem that could arise but I know I probably missed something.

2.0 Changelog:

-Added Calendar notifications (*Beta)
-Fixed vibration pattern bug
-Fixed bug where the ganeral sms/mms notification sound wouldn’t play
-No more Gmail force close, now you get a notification about the error
-Minor UI changes
-Fixed bug where when editinga contact in either sms/mms or gmail it would not display the current ringtone selected
-Added a few more icons

Gmail notification problem

With the recent Gmail update to 2.3.5 Google has blocked access to the Gmail database for all 3rd party apps. There are two ways to get around this but one will require you to have root.

1.) First method is to return to a previous gmail update by going to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Gmail->Uninstall Update.
After that you need to uninstall Notify Me. At this point your Gmail application should be back at its previous version (, now reinstall notify me and your notifications will work again.

2.) The second method will allow you to use the the latest version of Gmail (2.3.5) but you need to be rooted and you CANNOT update the Gmail app if a new version comes out.  Basically it’s a modified version of the Gmail app set to how the previous version was and there are two way to do this.

You can get a modified Gmail version here

Using Terminal Emulator app (for more advanced users)

- uninstall Notify Me

– copy the gmail modified apk to your sdcard

– open Terminal Emulator app

– type: ‘su’ (without the ”),gets past root, may have to restart app but only have to do this the first time as long you check the box to always allow

– ‘cd /data/app/’

– ‘rm com.google.android.gm*.apk’ (to remove the gmail update)

– ‘mount -oremount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system’ (remount the system-filesystem read/write)

*** be careful, the /dev/block/mtdblock4 may be different on your phone. tap ‘mount’ to check what is the ‘/system/’ mounted partition.

– ‘cd /system/app’

– ‘mv Gmail.apk Gmail.apk.stock’ (to backup the original Gmail application)

– ‘cp /sdcard/modded_gmail_apk_file_name /system/app’ (to install the Gmail modified version)

– ‘reboot’

– install Notify Me

Using Root Explorer app (costs money though) **Recommended**

– copy the modified gmail app to your sdcard

– open Root Explorer and go to the ‘system’ folder

– now in the system folder open the ‘app’ folder

– click on the ‘Mount R/W’ button at the top so that it reads ‘Mount R/O’

– find the Gmail app and move it somewhere on your sdcard to use as a backup

– find the modified Gmail app you downloaded and move it to the system/app folder and click on it to install it

– reboot

– install Notify Me

Notify Me FAQ

What does Notify Me do?:

Notify Me allows you to customize notifications while still using your favorite application along with it.

What type of notifications can be used?:

Currently there are SMS/MMS,Gmail and low battery notifications.

In the full version why am I not getting my custom notifications for the people in my email list?:

Make sure that you put the email in correctly first, if you think you did check to make sure that the first letter of the address is not a capital by mistake. When you put the address in it must match the email address exactly, for example Johnsmith@gmail.com is not the same as johnsmith@gmail.com so there fore it will not give you the custom notification you have set and you will just get the general one that you would normally get when you receive an email from someone not in your email list.

I updated to the new version on Gmail and not I am not getting notifications  and/or getting force closes, what should I do?:

Check out this post on solutions to this.

Notify Me 2.0 update coming soon

Notify Me version 2.0 coming soon

The new update will bring Calendar notifications similar to the sms and gmail notifications and you will still be able to use you favorite calendar app in conjunction with Notify Me

More details to come when it is closer to being done.

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